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Come and discover Madrid through the stomach with a tapas tour. Join our local guides and eat in the best tapas bars.

As part of the culinary tour of Madrid, you will be exposed to the traditional cuisines of the different provinces in Spain, family taverns and tapas bars where you will taste diverse dishes. You will receive fine alcohol tasting and get to know the chefs and people who made Madrid the worlds culinary capital.

So, whether you are a connoisseur or do not understand what the fuss is about, come and taste and enjoy a true culinary experience, with a local guide who knows Spanish cuisine. Hungry for sure you will not stay. 

It will be three hours of pleasure!!

The tour is in english and it includes 5 stops, 9 dishes from Spanish cuisine and 4 alcohol tastings but mostly a lot of happiness. 


The tour is also suitable for vegetarians and those who do not eat pork and seafood.

When: Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 19:00

Language: English or Hebrew

Duration: 3hours


Adult: 70€ 

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